Partner With RDSF

The RDSF is an initiative of some like minded people who have a common passion and burden to assist less privileged students around them. These people, who had in the past offered assistance to indigent Nigerian students in their individual capacities, now consider it appropriate to reach out to other people in order to extend help to more students.

The RDSF was registered as the channel to achieve this desire and has some of these individuals as Trustees. The RDSF is purely a Charitable and non-profit organization with the core objective of providing economic empowerment to the poor through the promotion of affordable and sustainable education.

You can partner with us in any of the following ways:

Partner: +234 8079407057

One time donation

You can give a one-time donation to the RSDF by cash or cheque, into the Foundation’s account.


Sponsors can also make a pledge to give some money to the Foundation on a regular basis. Such sponsors can fill our on-line pledge form and mail back to us, or send us an e-mail with details of the pledge.

‘Adopt a student’ scheme.

Our prospective partners are also encouraged to support the Foundation via the ‘Adopt a student’ scheme. Under this Plan, a sponsor will work with the Foundation to identify a student who will be adopted and sponsored for the full duration of an academic program. The Sponsor has a choice to remain anonymous or meet the beneficiary depending on what suits the Sponsor. Here, periodic statements of academic performance will be made available to the Sponsor on a regular basis in line with the Academic Calendar of the sponsored student.

Commemorative sponsorship

Prospective sponsors can also give to the Foundation to commemorate special events in their lives. You can choose to make a lump sum donation, or adopt a student to celebrate an achievement in your life. Memories of a special birthday, promotion or victory can be made even more special by your contribution to a positive change in another person’s life. Such beneficiaries become a part of your celebration and an evidence of that event.

about us

Rehoboth Dream Solid Foundation is a Foundation built on the Biblical principle of LOVE. The Foundation is coordinated by the Rehoboth Trustees, who are a group of God fearing men and women that have distinguished themselves in their various fields of endeavour. It was established to lend a helping hand to the less privileged, so that they may obtain economic empowerment.

our core values

» Promoting Education
» Mentoring
» Economic Empowerment
» Skills Acquisition