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The Rehoboth Dream Solid Foundation is an initiative of some like-minded people who have a common passion and burden to assist less privileged students around them. These people had in the past offered assistance to Nigerian students in their individual capacities. The testimonies below are from some of the students who received wholesome financial and mentoring support from some of the Trustees of the RDSF. The testimonies speak for themselves and are a pointer to the fact that ‘a little help can make a big difference’.


By Benjamin Eze

BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology", First class honors, 2010
University of Greenwich, London, England

Current Employment: WebCT/IT Support Technician

"All my years at university were very tough because of the lack of sufficient financial support which for me was the boundary between good success and bad success as far as education was concerned. The situation was particularly toughest in my final year when I became debtor to my university, and as a consequence my access to courses, assessments, and resources were completely blocked. For months I was in despair and unable to do anything (this was happening at a time when I needed to renew my visa and having a clear record with my university was absolutely vital to extending my visa in order to complete my study). Many things were at stake at this point some of which include; not completing my course requirements which will lead to failing my degree and thereby having to repeat the year and pay more fees and charges, completing and submitting my assessments late which will only earn me a mere pass degree, being refused a visa extension by the 'Home Office' because of my financial issues with my university, and being left with the only option of returning home without achieving my dream of becoming a graduate.

All these issues were dependent on only one thing, and in my case that was 'Financial Support', but with the help and kindness of some benefactors, I was able to receive the support within hours which had eluded me for months. All the problems (together with the shame that each carries) that were imminent were suddenly averted and I give glory to the Almighty God. The words of encouragements that came along with the financial support lightened up my motivation to perform well and I went ahead (with the Grace of God of course) to achieve an outstanding first class degree. The final results are miles far from what the original situation offered. The financial support received has really changed my life because now my limits are beyond the skies knowing that there are footprints on the moon. Glory be to God!"


By Christopher Fregene

"BSc (Hons) Biochemistry", Second Class upper Division, 2009
University of Benin, Nigeria

As a person, I have a passion for academic success and this was the driver behind my graduation from University of Benin with a second class upper division in the 2009 session. This passion couldn't have been sustained if not for external funding and mentoring received from my sponsors. The external funding received enabled me to get the relevant study materials and saved me from the stress of struggling for these materials which could have hampered my academic performance. I am indebted to my sponsors who assisted me financially and who also acted as my Mentors during my academic program in the University of Benin. I look forward to being able to support other people in this way too.


By Seun Adegbie

BTech (Hons) Computer Engineering, Second Class upper Division. 2005
Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso.

Current Employment: TRCC Ltd, Systems Analyst/Customer Services Manager

Education is the difference between being wise and being foolish. But for the God sent help of my sponsors, I would be languishing in the torment of the latter. Right from my secondary school education up until my graduation from the University, I received complete and wholesome support from my sponsors. The beautiful thing about this support was that it was totally all encompassing. From full financial support to timely advice and encouragement, I had all I needed to be educated. Not just that, but the homely and family driven support I received boosted my ability to settling down with my studies without having to bother myself with domestic challenges. I concluded that God does not need to come down from heaven to answer our prayers. Instead, He sends faithful men and women to make impact in our lives. In my case, He sent my able sponsors to make a lasting impact in my life .


By Irabor, Godwin Osalumhense

"BEng (Hons) Production Engineering"
University of Benin, Nigeria.

M Eng. Industrial Engineering, Distinction (in view) 2010, University of Benin

Current Employment: Assistant Lecturer (2009), Department of Production Engineering, University of Benin.

I cannot begin to quantify the extent of help and support I have received from my sponsors. They have been of tremendous assistance. From the process of seeking admission into the university, to the point of graduating with a First Class Honours in Production Engineering and currently studying for a Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering, they have stood by me with financial and moral support. When the going was really tough, they were worthy supporters. The story of my life would not be complete without them.

With the help received from my Sponsors, I successfully completed my First degree and was thereafter employed by my University. I am now able to sponsor myself for my Masters program and also assist with my siblings’ education. The foundation has been laid for a good life for my family and I. With my first degree, I bade farewell to poverty and am determined that no one in my family will suffer poverty from lack of education. All I can say at this point is ‘thank you’ and ‘thank you’ again


By Sule, Olatunji

HND Student Welding Engineering and Underwater Operations
Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) Warri.

Education is a notable achievement that everyone should strive to attain. However, it is quite unfortunate that this education eludes so many people that sincerely desire to have it. This is especially true for those of us from very humble backgrounds, who without help from others might have remained without education. For those of us who without help are financially handicapped, ‘A little help’ does not just make a little difference, but a whole lot of difference.

Today, by the special grace of God Almighty, I am glad to say that very soon, I will be a graduate of ‘Welding Engineering and Underwater Operations’ from the Petroleum Training Institute Warri. A major contributor to this achievement is the key phrase “Little Help”. The ‘Little help’ received from my numerous sponsors really made the difference in my life. The question remains, if not for this ‘little help’, where would I have been and what would I have become now? Thanks and may God bless this organization.


By Ogunleye Gabriel

OND (Distinction), Food Technology 2009
Lagos State Polytechnic.

To me, education is the key to accessing great opportunities in life. Without education, one will be limited in every area of life even spiritually, and that's the difference between Simon Peter and apostle Paul. No matter how big your vision is, if you lack provision, it cannot become a reality. That is why i am forever grateful to God almighty for sending help to me through my sponsors. While i enrolled for an Ordinary National Diploma programme to study Food Technology at the Lagos State Polytechnic, my sponsors have always shown great financial support.

Though Food Technology as a discipline is not popular among the average Nigerians yet my sponsors believed in my dream and gave me a helping hand both financially and morally. To God be the glory, I graduated with Distinction. This would not have been possible without God helping me through my sponsors especially at a time when the world was experiencing an economic meltdown.

Thanks to my sponsors for their impact in my life. May God continue to be their Strength and may His favour never elude them. I look forward to more assistance from them in furtherance of my education.

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